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Our challenge is 1 000 000 trees
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    until May 29

Tree plantings done by the efforts of government do not guarantee reforestation to the same extent forests are being eliminated per year.

1.6 million hectares per year – the rate of deforestation in Russia (according to WWF). This is like six territories of Moscow.

  • You can purchase a certificate for yourself or as a gift
  • After the actual planting, we will send a photo and GPS coordinates of the planted forest

How does it work?

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We can plant a single tree or several hectares. The choice is yours! 1 tree - $3.

Get a

that confirms your contribution to the restoration of forests for yourself, for your organization or as a gift to you friends or relatives on a memorable date.

We will send photos and GPS coordinates

After the actual planting, you will get the photo and GPS coordinates of the new forest, and you can share this joy with your friends.



trees were planted thanks to a key partner in 2010-2015.


people planted trees without leaving the computer, using our service


trees have already been planted in fifteen regions of the Russian Federation

Trees live their lives like people do – they grow up, reproduce themselves, get ill and die.
  • Trees clean the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. They give us medicines and protection from the scorching sun.
  • The forest is the source of existence for many animals and people.

Predatory use of forest resources and human fires led to the emergence of deserts on the site of forests, rivers became shallow, animals disappeared, and they lost their home.

Bark beetle

Why is it important to plant trees?

Forest is the house for me
and my small pups

The forest is the source of existence
for many animals

Plant trees


The forest caused me a sense of peace and comfort, in this sense, grief disappeared, unpleasant was forgotten...

— Maksim Gorky
Russian writer.

Cutting forests, people cut the basis of their existence.

— Konstantin Paustovsky
Russian Soviet writer.
I have passionately fallen in love with the forest, since I got to know it better, and the more I learn about it, the more I love it. And this is always the case: to love, you need to know - without knowing, you can not love. Whoever loves the forest will cherish it.
— Dmitry Kaygorodov
Russian forestry specialist.